Team RED boasts a multidisciplinary team of 13 dedicated members from 8 different study backgrounds. The team started out of the Honors Academy of the TU Eindhoven, as a collaboration between students from the Energy Transition, and Smart Cities track. The team has since expanded outside of the honors program, and are registered as an Innovation Space team. This has helped us source extra team members and receive additional opportunities, and guidance.

Ruben Lathuy

Team Leader, 20

Sustainable Innovation

Antwerp, BE

Ernesto Buñuel Garcia

Lead designer, 20

Industrial Design

Madrid, ES

Amar van Uden

HR and product developer, 21

Psychology and Technology

Nijmegen, NL

Niels Adaloudis

Business and product developer, 21

Industrial Engineering

Eindhoven, NL

Pietro Maschera

Finances and product developer, 21

Psychology and Technology

Brescia, IT

Micha Arnoldus

Product developer, 21

Sustainable Innovation

Leiden, NL

Khalid Berrouayel

Data analyst, 20

Data Science

Madrid, ES

Julia van der Vleuten

Business developer, 20

Industrial Engineering

Eindhoven, NL

Meie Kleijburg

External relations and business developer, 20

Sustainable Innovation

Rotterdam, NL

Elise van Wijngaarden

Lead data modeler, 21

Sustainable Innovation

Bergen, NO

Pius Bentgens

Data modeler, 20

Applied Physics

Heidelberg, DE

Hassan Sewailem

Hardware engineer, 20

Electrical Engineer

Cairo, EG

Ana Maria Suso 

Hardware engineer, 21

Built Environment

Cali, CO

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