4TU contest

12/11/2019 \\ TU/e Innovation Lab - LinkedIn

We're looking back on a great 4TU Impact Challenge! A special shout out to these TU/e troopers: Team RED, Team CORE, Intense Keyboards and SpaceSea. You did an amazing job!

Meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister

09/11/2019 \\ TU/e Innovation Space - LinkedIn

Big day! đŸ˜±Today two innoSpace teams, Team RED and IntenseKeyboard (formerly Alltrons) had the honour to talk to Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister this morning while attending the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge in Den Haag. Super proud of them!

Faster transition using a scale model for sustainable energy

02/07/2019 \\ Your Sneak Preview of the Future

An interactive model that shows the consequences of sustainable energy on the TU/e campus. Team RED wants to use their tool to support policymakers in decisions on the construction of, for example, solar panels or a wind turbine. The student team at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) wants to speed up the energy transition process.


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